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I’ve been in NYC for 414 days. I’d say, 90% of those days have been fucking tough. I came to New York unsure of the path ahead. Finally I can say though, a year in, it’s all come together.

Last week I opened the doors to BLK RBN Studio, which is an entity I’ve started with very talented young men to tell stories and develop identities for all things sport. I believe our studio has the talent and perspective to tell story though photo, film, and design better than anyone.

As for the brand, BLK RBN will make its place known in SS18 when it resurfaces next spring, with a new collection. As always, no compromises.  

Through a year of ups and downs I stayed resilient, and trusted in my path. This is a note to let people know what I’m up to now, but more importantly, a note to any collegiate athlete out there wondering whats next. I’m three years post collegiate, but my process and story as a D1 athlete positioned me to live the life I want to live. Never forget your path as an athlete. If the sport is important to you, trust the time and miles you put in will take you where you need to go.

Future Winning,